SST-50 Start Stop Timer for Electric Motors & Generators


  • SST-50 unit with either pipe mounting brackets, magnets or conduit mounting mechanism
  • ​Probe for unit placement in near field

Identify  Possible Motor Abuse or Misapplication

It is now possible to track motors through the stray flux to confirm potential process problems. If an electric motor is designed to be started and stopped once a day and it is actually being started 10, 20 or even 100 times a day, there is going to be a maintenance problem in the future. With
the SST-50 Start/Stop/Timer identify potential process abuse before problems develop.

More Accurately Schedule Maintenance

Schedule maintenance according to length of run time instead of on a monthly, quarterly, or even annual basis. Prioritize motors by duty cycle during outage times to better share work requirements. For example - did that motor really run 200 hours or 2,000 hours?

Multi-Motor Processes

In processes where there are more than one motor involved, it is easy to lose track of which motor id doing the majority of the work. Understand quickly the role each motor in the process carries.

Energy Use Observation

Monitor energy usage for projects by run time hours. Examples include irrigation pumps, just how long did that pump run?

SST-50 Start Stop Timer

The SST-50 Start Stop Timer is a rechargeable batter enclosed unit that magnetically attaches to the outside of the motor case and counts each start. It records run time in six (6) minute intervals (1/10 of an hour). This display gives the maintenance procession knowledge on duty cycle that motors are operating within.

Benefits of Use

  • -Schedule maintenance activities
  • -Identify possible abuses
  • -Remaining usable life estimates
    -Know which shared process motors are doing most of the work
    -Monitor starts/stops and run time on problem motors
  • -Troubleshooting - just when did that motor trip?
    -Super Easy installation - just magnetically attach to outside of motor

Intended Use

  • Inexpensive/quick way to track run time and starts in electric motors
  • Duty cycle monitoring in multi-motor process (e.g. 2 sump pumps)
    Maintenance scheduling
    Energy Audit

Technical Specifications

  • Magnetically attached to side of motor or U-Bolt to conduit/base
  • No hook up required, triggers off of stray flux
  • 25 year data retention
  • Zero reset switch for time and starts
  • IP67 Ingres Enclosure
    Auxiliary input use in low flux situations
  • Solar Charge capable
  • ​Rechargeable battery pack through USB wall wart or Aux

Motor process with SST-50 monitoring starts, stops & run time

SST-50  on motor process monitoring starts, stops and run time


SST-50 Monitoring two pump motor process


SST-50 Monitoring large motor process


SST-50 Start Stop Timer -New Layout Rev 1 (pdf)