CAL5000 doing calibration on a Schleich MTC2 Electric Motor Analyzer

CAL5000 Calibration Kit

Additional Information

The CAL5000 kit consists of several components.

  • CAL5000 Verification Device
  • CAL5000S - Surge Readout/Reflective Voltage Spike Measurement Device
  • CAL5000LT - Tool Box Calibration Verification
  • Various connection adapters
  • High Voltage & other Probes​

The CAL5000 device is a passive device designed to help maintenance professionals verify the calibration of their leading vendor's electric motor test equipment. Technicians or engineers can quickly verify performance of their equipment versus this calibrated apparatus. It is intended to help avoid the shipment of expensive, sensitive test equipment,  and is provided in a rugged transport shipment case, for its own periodic calibration need. 

This self contained device carries an array of traceable and certified calibrated resistance values. The values contained in the device enclosure are selected based upon those generally required for verification of several leading manufacturer's electric motor test equipment. The CAL5000 devices carry a NIST traceable calibration certificate.  The CAL5000LT  is ideal for double checking results and to pre-test/verify field test equipment.  This small toolbox apparatus carries two (2) values to help ensure equipment appropriate operation. Custom values are available upon request.

The CAL5000 also includes an internal 1000:1 voltage divider. This divider gives the CAL5000 the ability to be used with a standard digital multi-meter as a voltage display.  In order to verify calibration of higher voltage test equipment with a standard multi-meter, this calibrated readout is necessary. 

CAL5000S Surge Readout/Reflective Voltage Spike Measuring Device

The CAL5000S allows for the calibration verification of surge testers. The high frequency nature of the surge pulse requires a probe with suitable bandwidth. These high voltage probes can be purchased through EDE: 1000:1, 100:1, or 10:1 dividers allow easy measurement of high frequency voltages. This includes surge testers, VFD output voltages or shaft voltage via probe or CT. 

Intended Use

Periodic verification of electric motor test equipment indicated values. Including, but not limited to the following types of equipment:

  • ​Insulation testers
  • Meg-Ohm Meters
  • Continuity Testers
  • AC/DC High Potential Testers
  • Surge Testers that have Meg-Ohm or HiPot functions
  • Digital Multimeters & DLRO's
  • ​Other motor test equipment such as Motor Circuit Evaluation devices (MCE)

Benefits of Use

-Huge time savings: No waiting on shipping or product manufacturer to clear schedule
- Cost savings:  Greatly reduced production/maintenance downtime due to no shipping for annual calibration verification
- Ability to audit internal equipment function (ie: before every shift or monthly vs. yearly
- No risk of shipping damage to expensive capital equipment
- Verify multiple instrument readings to ensure viable results at different plant locations
- Verify performance of rental equipment
​- NIST traceability
- 1000:1 voltage divider to easily verify performance of higher voltage test equipment

CAL5000S Surge Calibration

CAL5000S Surge Calibration

CAL5000LT tool box calibration verification

CAL5000 LT tool box calibration verification


CAL5000 Kit with case


CAL5000-CAL500LT-CAL5000S Rev 1 (pdf)