George Frey working at a large industrial plant providing technical motor testing and diagnostics

Calibration and Repair Services for the Rough Spots

Services that make Sense

Technical Support - Service, Repair & Calibration

We pride ourselves in providing each and every customer world class technical support and customer service. From applications support, motor testing, troubleshooting equipment  to calibration, repair and rental equipment, we are your ultimate solution. We offer support by phone, web tools, email and onsite.

Technical Training

On-going technical training is a must for maintenance professionals to stay abreast of  new technologies, advanced motor testing techniques and general practices from an ever changing workforce and testing requirement. At EDE we provide a wide range of training from beginner to advanced along with customized training courses that meet your needs. Contact us today and schedule your training.

Electric Motor Testing

At EDE, we provide electric motor test services, using the best test equipment available. Whether online dynamic motor monitoring, or offline electric motor testing is needed, we have the tools and capability to provide predictive maintenance,  quality control or second opinion services that will meet industry needs. 

Data Analysis

When test reports need to make sense, contact EDE. Our experts can give you a second opinion on the results from testing and offer advice on how to move forward with your business decision or customer. We provide clarification on what the results mean and the likelihood the motor, drive or process is capable of doing its job.

Offline motor testing in an Industrial facility

Offline motor testing in an Industrial Facility

Dynamic Motor Testing in an Industrial Facility

Dynamic Motor Testing in an Industrial Facility

Burnt Rotor

Burnt Rotor