About Us

Finding a Way - Our Mission

Providing the best service, products and training to maintenance professionals in every industry that relies on electric motors to power their processes.

We want to be the electrical maintenance partner for all your electric motor needs.

Our Team

Electric Diagnostic Engineer (EDE) Electric Motor Testing, Inc. was founded to advance the science of electric motor and generator testing

The genesis of EDE was a team of engineers with 50 years of experience in the test and measurement field. This background allows EDE to properly test, specific diagnostic test methods, equipment, procedures and provide expert analysis of your results. EDE knows that the correct diagnostic answer is absolutely critical to your success.

About George Frey

George Frey was one of the founders of EDE Electric Motor Testing, Inc.  George is now directing EDE. With 25 years of experience designing, building, using, testing with, servicing and calibrating electrical motor test equipment, his all tell and no sell approach will help you determine what electric motor testing techniques will work best for you. You won't be disappointed.

​Finding a way to test is Mr. George Frey's all consuming passion. He has dedicated EDE to explain, in common sense terms, the benefits and drawbacks of what has become a bewildering variety of electrical test techniques. He will help find what is right for you, and help you every step of the way.

His experience includes 20 years at Baker Instrument Company®, George worked for both Mr. Tom Baker - the pioneering founder of the company, and his successor, Mr. David Schump, the visionary who took Baker® into the predictive maintenance field. He gladly helped transition the company to SKF® and is proud to have contributed to their success.

Mr. Frey was Applications Engineer and Service Manager during his time at Baker Instrument Company®. He enjoyed helping customers with their technical needs. During this time, he became experienced in field testing low, medium and high voltage motors, generators, transformers and most other types of electric machines. With EDE Electric Motor Testing, Inc., his primary interest is testing electric motors and generators, using whatever means necessary, and developing tools to help this process. Frey received his A.A.S. and other certifications from FRCC (91'), he is a member of IEEE (00'), the IEEE DEIS society, and the IEEE Power & Energy Society along with other memberships.