Schleich MTC2 Surge Testing a Electric Motor

Motor Testing Services

EDE Technology Portfolio

  • EDE Instruments CAL5000S - Determines reflective voltage spikes on shafts
  • Schleich Motor Analyzer 2 (MA2) - Technically advanced offline motor analyzer
  • Schleich Dynamic Motor Analzyer (DMA) - Technically superior online motor  monitor
  • CAL5000 Calibration Verification System - used to verify results while on-site testing
  • AEMC Model 6527 Meg Ohm Meter - High quality electric insulation tester
  • Baker Explorer II - Online motor monitor
  • Baker AWAIV-12 - Offline motor tester
  • Current Transformer Set - allows accurate measurement between .5 and 3300 amperes
  • Tektronix TDS 2014B and Tektronix P6015A
  • HP 54520A - Measurement of voltage vs. time (shaft voltages)
  • Digital Multi-Meter - Every motor technicians "right hand"
  • Function Generator: Debugging certain types of control circuits
  • Multiple Fluke handheld test sets for any number of tasks.

​Electric Motor and Generator Testing Service​​​

Special types of electrical test equipment are necessary to properly test most varieties of electric motors and generators. Substantially different test and measurement methods are used for online monitoring vs. off-line situations.  

EDE is able to provide for both scenarios with the EDE technology portfolio. Jobs  included 108 AC motors at a large industrial facility and acceptance testing of a  2000 HP DC motor and a 6MW generator. We have done other jobs in the Aviation, Public Utilities, Medical and Manufacturing Industries.

At EDE we also have the capability to test wind generators and other types of renewable power resources. Our wide range of knowledge and equipment resources makes us a ideal partner for all your testing needs. 

Testing Specifics

At EDE we work within your processes to help provide expert testing support, ​​​ report generation, results reviews along with second opinions on testing results from your technicians. We can assist in route based periodic testing with the help of staff electricians for lock-out/tag-out procedures and motor lead lifting and connection. We allow you to take the lead on all operations, because as the customer and owners of the motors/generators we follow your procedures. If safety course are required on site or OSHA required for your facility, they will be attended and done prior to any work being done. 

Benefits of use

  • Cost effective help for testing programs
  • Extensive knowledge on testing methodology and technique
  • ​Complete reporting mechanisms in place to provide answers to motor problems


Failed Motor Lead Lugs


Schleich MA2 Testing Large Motor from Motor Starter through Feeder Cables


Testing Electric Motors from Switch Gear


Motor Testing Services - Rev 1 (pdf)