Calibration and Instrument Repair Services

Calibration/Service/Repair Services

Periodic calibration verification & repair of electric motor test equipment, including, but not limited to the following types of equipment

  • Insulation testers
  • Meg-Ohm Meters
  • Continuity Testers
  • AC/DC High Potential Testers
  • Cable Thumpers
  • Surge Testers that hve Meg-Ohm or HiPot Functions
  • Digital Multimeters & DLRO's
  • Other motor test equipment such as Motor Circuit Evaluation devices (MCE)

Annual Calibration Services

Calibration is basically predictive/preventative maintenance for test equipment and other tools. It is the verification of values against a known standard -  A Best Practice with EASA, ANSI and test equipment manufacturers.

The calibration services from EDE come in several different varieties.  

  • Fleet Calibration (All at Once)​
  • Cycle Calibration (Some at Once)
  • Sent to Service Center
  • ​Remote Periodic Calibration

​Fleet Calibration:  Have a great deal of equipment or several shops that can be consolidated at one place for a short period of time. This type of calibration has a great deal of benefits including:

  • Shortened downtime - equipment doesn't leave your control for extended time periods
  • Less costs due to reduced shipping, shared ravel costs of calibration firm over several shops or a large amount of equipment
  • Reduction of shipping damage
  • Keeps all shops/equipment in same calibration rotation

​Cycle Calibration: This is best for companies that have several locations with 1-2 testers and can't consolidate or for motor manufacturer/OEM that need to distribute calibration activities across quarterly or semi-annual schedules.

Allows for production to continue while calibration activities take place. Allows for more flexibility in company schedules  - each line or facility is not tied so closely to each other

​​Service Center Calibration: Periodic calibration service with possible repair needed to bring test equipment back into working order or cycle time for motor manufacturers and some shops.

Downtime is increased, but if something is wrong with the test equipment, repair is necessary.
Proper packaging is necessary to help prevent damage during shipping
Cycle time - slow time of year or have several machines that are on a quarterly or bi-annual schedule that can be taken out for periodic maintenance

​Remote Calibration:  Some manufacturer's have equipment that remote calibration can be offered. If this is offered on your equipment, this type of calibration offers the greatest benefits  - no shipping, no travel costs, almost no downtime, less costly.

Calibration standard is sent out to your facility
Technicians work together over phone/internet to verify calibration
Usually takes between 1-3 hours per machine
Calibration standard is returned
Calibration certificate and sticker are sent to faciltiy for technician to put on machine

Instrument Repair

At EDE we can repair and upgrade many testing manufacturers equipment. Give us a call and discuss the issues that are occurring and we will begin to diagnose the problems and bring the instrument back to manufacturer specifications. We offer phone support, on-site calls or send the machine to our service center to visually inspect and complete the repair.

Since we do instrument repair at component level, we can offer highly competitive pricing, quick turn-around along with being your best bet for equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our knowledge base on this type of equipment is vast. 

Test leads are the most vulnerable part on the instrument. We can replace the wire, boots and clips to help keep your tester operating at its best. With top quality Kelvin clips and high strand count wire, our test leads are normally better than the factory originals. Custom made adapters for operation of various manufacturers equipment with test leads, CT sets, etc. can be designed, manufactured and provided. 

If you need something custom made, give us a call. We have the knowledge and ability to custom design fixtures, test cables, etc.

Technical support is offered by phone, email, Skype©, TeamViewer© and other media services for questions about test equipment specifications and limits, how to use the equipment properly and safely and knowledge of the applicable IEEE, EASA and IEC test standards. If you have questions, let us know. 

Benefits of Use

  • Cost effective repair services for electrical test equipment
  • Repair avenue for equipment that are no longer supported by manufacturer
  • Calibration services to maintain tester results integrity
  • Calibration certificates and stickers for your internal and customer audit requirements
  • Rental equipment available for weekly rentals while test equipment here for repair/calibration

Workshop doing calibration verification on a test instrument

Test bench doing Calibration Verification with the CAL5000

CAL5000 Close Up

 CAL5000 Calibration Verification Unit

Repair and troubleshooting of electrical panel

 Repair and troubleshooting electric panel





CAL5000-CAL500LT-CAL5000S Rev 1 (pdf)